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K, Na Flame Photometer

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail K, Na Flame Photometer

K, Na Flame Photometer ( Alat mengukur Kadar K, Na pada Tanah, Pupuk, Semen, dll) It is widely use in medical, soil, fertilizer, Cement, fire-resistant Material, Glass, pottery profession. K: 0~ 999.9 Na: 0~ 999.9 Li: 0~ 999.9( Optional) Drift less than 3% within 15s Reproducibility 3% Aspiration rate < 6mL/ min Fuel supply L.P.G. Working conditions: Envirmental temperture: 10 Deg.C~ 35 Deg.C Relative humidity: < 85% The instrument should be placed horizontally, avoiding direct sunshine radiation. There is no disturbance of strong electromagnetic field or vibration. Fire extinguishing device should be equipped in the application field and good aeration should be guarznteed. Power supply: 220V + / - 22V, frequency 50Hz + / - 1 Hz, with good grounding. Standard Configuration: Main Instrument 1 PC Power Cable 1 PC Chimney 1 PC Clearing rod 2 PC Air compressor 1 PC Printer SP-T 2425SK 1PC
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