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  • Porcupine Fish Attractor

Porcupine Fish Attractor

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Porcupine Fish Attractor

Improves spawning habitat while providing valuable structure for all species of fish in all size lakes. From farm ponds to big reservoirs, these fish attractors help enhance quantity and quality of fish. Fish relate to it quickly as algae and plankton form to attract baitfish, luring larger fish to its locale. Also provides refuge and shade to young fish, increasing survival rates. Easily assembled and installed. Environmentally friendly. Available in three sizes: a 2-1/ 2´ diameter model for use in 4´ of water, a 4´ diameter model for 6´ of water and deeper, and a 5-1/ 2´ diameter model for water 10´ and deeper. 2-1/ 2” Porcupine Fish Attractor
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