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  • Solar Ray Collector

Solar Ray Collector

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Solar Ray Collector spesifikasi : Solar ray collector Lab thermometer, -10… + 100C 2pcs Lab thermometer, w.stem, -10… + 100C Power supply 0-12VDC/ 6 V: 12 VAC Heat exchanger Solar coll.stand, teaching aid Immersion heater, 1000 W, 220-250V Hot-/ cold air blower, 1000W Halogen lamp 1000 W Tripod base-- 2 Support rod-square, L= 250mm 2pcs Right angle clamp Pass 2 Universal Clamp Glass beaker, tall , 2000ml Glass beads, d 6mm, 850 pcs Safety gas tubing, , I M 3pcs Measuring tape, L= 2m Stopwatch, didgital, 1/ 100 sec. Connecting cord l= 750mm red Connecting cord L= 750mm blue Circulating pump with floe meter 1 Unit
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